• five-stars I approached Pecan’s Day Spa looking to get relief from tight IT bands in particular but overall muscle tightness throughout my body as well. From boxing to weight lifting to triathlon, my body takes a beating and I was in dire need of a great spa to treat my body. After hearing about Pecan’s Day Spa thru one of my clients who could not say enough good things about her massage and facial, I decided to book an appointment. The result was amazing. From the start, there was plenty of availability to suit my busy schedule, friendly and accommodating staff, but most of all therapists who truly know what they’re doing. I was asked what was bothering me (IT bands) and immediately the therapist set to work on it and followed thru until my issue was resolved. The spa has a very peaceful atmosphere and I felt welcomed from the moment I walked in. I will certainly be a lifelong customer and would recommend Pecan’s Day Spa to anyone looking to get a great massage or skin care treatment from highly knowledgeable therapists who will go out of their way to make sure you get the very best treatment.
  • five-stars I have been a customer of Pecan’s Day Spa since its creation in 2003. Whatever it is I’m in need of like stretching, pain relief, relaxation, etc. I have always found here. The staff is über professional, yielding awesome results, but also warm and friendly, making one feel like one is part of the family. I unreservedly recommend Pecan’s Day Spa.
    Pepe O.
  • five-stars I have been a client of Pecan’s Day Spa from the beginning, and I simply love Don, Tass, and all of the staff! I am a litigator and a working mom, and this means that I carry around a lot of stress, but my massage therapist is fantastic about working out all of my kinks and pent-up stress. I dare say that my relationship with my therapist is one of the longest-lasting relationships I have had in Miami, because it started shortly after I moved here in 1998. Pecan’s Day Spa is always very accommodating of my needs, and they genuinely are interested in me, my life, my lifestyle and how they can help make it better. I always recommend Pecan’s to my friends and family, because I want to share this aspect of healthy living with them, and Pecan’s staff is simply the best! In addition to my regular massages, I also get facials there, and I can highly recommend them as well. To put it bluntly, Pecan’s is great, so what are you waiting for? Make the decision to try it out today! You won’t regret it!
    Stephanie T.